Biometric chip reader helps stop fake passports

A newly released biometric chip reader is helping police and border control agents to be able to determine if passports and ID cards are genuine by using just their smartphones.

Anyline, an Austrian provider of optical character recognition technology, has today announced the creation of an NFC ID reading system that it has deemed to make readings “uncheatable”.

NFC Chips contain encrypted information on biometric passports and IDs.

Who can use it?

Authorised users of both Apple and Android will be able to use the app which scans the digital biometrics of a passport or ID card chip, along with the text on the physical front side which will help to determine the authenticity of the ID.

Using the newest and most innovative artificial intelligence approaches, Anyline enables any mobile device to process written characters in real-time, even when offline. It’s not only more accurate than manual data entry but also works 20 times faster, saving both time and money.

The new tech will help officers to quickly determine which pieces of ID are genuine, and which ones are counterfeit, this adds an extra level of complexity to people trying to fake means of identification.

Passengers may also experience benefits from reduced queuing times.

Helping officials determine the truth

100,000 officers currently use Anyline technology around the world to scan passports, national IDs and driving licenses. National governments, The United Nations, along with German and Austrian Police, all currently use the tech as part of their working lives.

However, before the launch of NFC Chip scanning, this was done by simple visual inspections of ID or reading only the machine readable zone (MRZ).

“Where Anyline ID Scanning stands above its competitors is our 2-step verification process. All of our major clients in the police have spoken to us about this capability because it gives an extra layer of security. Anyline is giving police and border security an ‘uncheatable’ ID verification tool, right on their smartphone.” says Alexander Loidolt, Anyline Enterprise Business Partner.



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