Berner Kantonalbank release their highly secure banking app

Kobil Systems GmbH, a leading provider of digital identity security, has announced today that Berner Kantonalbank (BEKB) is releasing a new, highly secure banking app for their customers.

The new login system from the bank has been called the “BEBK smartLogin”.

They state that the most important demands, when it comes to finding security solutions or transferring money digitally through online banking, are authentication and payment signing in.

‘Simpler, yet more secure’

BEKB, which is based in Worms, Germany, says this is why they have opted for a simpler, yet more secure, method when it comes to e-banking.

In their new app, they have incorporated all the modern developments that are expected of a security app. Including multi-factor authentication, confidentiality, and secure end-to-end data connection.

When thinking of what was needed to make the device secure, the company looked at what they could do to prevent attacks and ensure the app has high levels of security and protection.

On the website, that bank claims the app has the “Highest security, user-friendly operation and the possibility to handle your banking transactions online”.

‘Continuously optimising’

The bank has also upped the performance level of the previous app to make sure that it actually runs smoothly as well as having better levels of safety. This was done through a multi-platform solution that works on both iOS and Android.

“Today,” said Yves Reber, e-banking officer at BEKB, “almost half of our e-banking customers use the convenient authentication solution via the developed app. The conversion from the old methods to the BEKB smartLogin solution has been successful and is now (as of the end of May 2019) for a good seven months to our satisfaction. Furthermore, based on the experience gained so far and the customer feedback, together with Kobil we are continuously optimising the new process.”

The project took a total of 12 months from idea to creation and ensures that the user has a quick, secure and comfortable login and signing of payments.



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