BCS to propose a new AI strategy for the UK

The BCS (British Computer Society) has recently unveiled a new proposal to the UK’s government for a National Artificial Intelligence Strategy.

Indeed, Bill Mitchell, the director of policy at BCS, stated that it was vital to have higher standards for AI as there is a heightened need to prove to the world that AI systems are competent, ethical, and accountable. A recent poll by BCS showed that 53% of adults in the UK had no faith in any organization to use algorithms when making judgments about them.

Thus, BCS proposes new standards for training and ethics in order to reinforce the role of data scientists. It also advises the government to make the AI workforce more diverse and inclusive so that everyone feels represented. The government should also provide more equipment, broadband access, and education programs for people in poverty so as to narrow the digital divide and develop AI technologies that could help fight against global climate change.

These conditions are meant to ensure that the UK sets a ‘gold standard’ in AI professionalism. It aims for the UK to eventually lead the world for AI standards if its rules are strong and well-designed. For this, it is necessary that the country has new, strict regulations. The public needs more rules and requirements in order to fully trust AI, especially if it concerns their privacy.


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