Battery manufacturers in need of automation to improve productivity

A new report by ABB Robotics revealed that battery manufacturers desperately need automation in order to meet future demands.

Indeed, the study underlined that the growth of electric vehicles could be slowed down and challenged by the insufficiency of the EV battery supply. Despite being currently the leader in EV battery production, it was stated that Asia might be outperformed by Europe in the coming years as well as by the U.S.

Yet, the report warned that battery pack assembly plants need to be located close to or within car assembly facilities in order to reach the production goal. It also declared that automation is key to increasing assembly safety, quality, and traceability and delivering battery technologies cost-effectively, all of which is vital to the growth of electric vehicles.

Furthermore, building a robust and automated battery supply chain will enable the creation of a distinct competitive advantage for OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturer). This would then lead to more production flexibility and productivity as well as fewer costs. Hence, so as to reduce vehicle cost, it is essential to improve battery manufacturing productivity with automation.

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