Automotive engineers dissatisfied with thermal simulation software and platforms

A recent study by Future Facilities revealed that 30% of automotive thermal engineers were dissatisfied with the current modeling capabilities of their thermal simulation platforms.

Indeed, it was found out that 60% of thermal engineers working on automotive designs weren’t able to optimize user safety due to inadequate simulation software. 40% also stated that they couldn’t perform simulations to the level they wanted to achieve due to hardware limitations and others declared that they were limited because of poor access to manufacturer models for thermal simulation.

Moreover, the study reported that the biggest challenges for thermal engineers are identifying consolidation, automation, and electric vehicles. These issues are significantly impacting important parts of the design process, including graphics and model creation, which can slow down the process and the time-to-market.

Hence, it is vital that companies find effective and more accessible ways of modeling and automating model creation in order to speed up the process.


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