Automation to take over Australia’s job market by 2030

A new study by Forrester found out that Australia’s job market will decrease by 11% (around 1.5 million workers) by 2030, as artificial intelligence (AI) and automation are slowly taking over.

Indeed, it was reported that the industries the most targeted will be finance, accounting, and procurement, and especially employees working in administrative jobs.

Yet, the study also noted that, even though automation will evolve leading to the loss of many jobs, new ones will be created (around 1.7 million jobs). It is expected that 63% of Australia’s cubicle jobs will be automated by 2030.

27% of Australian cross-domain knowledge workers will still remain relevant as they possess diverse valuable skills that automation cannot develop as of yet. Besides, certain jobs that require and need superior human physical communication abilities and empathy will also continue on existing.

Moreover, the most sought-after digital elites will increase by 33%, as the demand for technical skills in areas such as big data, process automation, human-machine interaction, robotics engineering, blockchain, and machine learning, will only grow.

It is then becoming vital that Australian policymakers find ways to minimize the number of digital outcasts to avoid having over one million workers left aside. Hence, some companies have already started programmes that will help train their employees in machine learning and artificial intelligence, so they can deal with the future of automation.


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