Automation and AI to help improve healthcare

A recent report by The Health Foundation revealed that more than a third of people in the UK would approve of using artificial intelligence (AI) and automation in healthcare.

Indeed, it was found out that 36% of the public and 44% of NHS staff would welcome the possibility of having more automation and AI when providing health care in the future. It would allow care to be more efficient and give doctor and nurses more time to care for patients.

The report then calls for more investment in infrastructure as well as more skills so as to enable NHS staff to use automation and AI safely and efficiently.

By doing so, it aims to build more confidence in the technology, especially as around 51% of NHS staff and 45% of the public declared being concerned about having robots taking care of their health. Besides, health providers are also anxious that patients won’t accept being treated by the technology.

With the significant impact of the pandemic on the healthcare industry, however, it is becoming more and more vital to improving the way care is delivered and new technologies might be the way to go.


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