Australia to develop a payment-tracker to track the virus’ outbreaks

Although Australia seemed to have handled the rise of the pandemic rather well, there are still quite a few inconsistencies in the contact details coming from public venues. Indeed, Australia is providing contact tracing services while the Commonwealth government is using less hands-on services such as COVIDSafe national contact tracing app, hence directing the pandemic response.


The National Contact Tracing Review delivered a report last week in order to offer an appropriate contact tracing and outbreak management system with a payment-tracker. A payment-tracker should be able to provide the contact details of people who have made a transaction at possibly infected venues, with privacy rules applying. The report also declared that Australia’s different jurisdictions could keep their own contact tracing systems but that the information-sharing has to be improved.


It is essential that States and territories share their information in case people might have crossed the borders. Hence, the report suggests the development of a digital data exchange mechanism in order to allow all States and territories to have access to information and data sources such as airlines and government agency data stores.


The current national contact tracing app, COVIDSafe, is also considered unreliable as it has caught only a few unconfirmed COVID-19 cases. The Review will be investigating why that might be the case.


After an outbreak in South Australia, however, the borders have been closed again and a mass-testing program has been implemented.

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