Anger over Online Safety Bill that will exclude online scams

It was recently announced in the Queen’s Speech that new plans on online safety will aim to hold tech firms liable for harmful material posted to their platforms.

Indeed, the Online Safety Bill will force companies such as Facebook and Google to prevent the publishing of illegal content as well as establish a safe environment for users. The regulation will be overseen by Ofcom, which will be able to fine companies that do not follow the rules.

Hence, it was reported that the new laws aim to lead the way in ensuring internet safety for all, especially for children, whilst harnessing the benefits of a free, open, and secure internet.

However, campaign groups have become angry at the decision to not include online scams in the new measures. As online scams are devastating both financially and emotionally, it is vital that big platforms such as Google and Facebook take actions to prevent their users become victims of scams.

Campaign groups are blaming the government for not protecting citizens from one of the most damaging online harms to their financial and mental health.


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