Amazon to continue ban on its facial recognition software

Amazon recently announced that it would be extending its ban on police use of its facial recognition software.

Indeed, the company had first suspended its software following the protests against police brutality toward people of color across the US in June 2020. Civil liberties advocates have always denounced the inaccuracy of these kinds of systems that could lead to unfair arrests alongside a loss of privacy.

Amazon had previously stated its hope that Congress would ensure the ethical use of AI facial recognition technology but since then, no laws had been designed for it. The company thus faced complaints from activists asking for the software to be ban permanently.

However, Amazon said that its face recognition software is also working with ‘Rekognition,’ which is a service from its cloud computing division used to find human trafficking victims. Yet, it was shown that the Rekognition system also struggled to determine the sex of individuals with darker skin tones.

Amazon has contested that fact but its action of extending the ban on its software recognition system has showcased significance.

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