AI to replace human decision-making in the future?

As the use of artificial intelligence (AI) is rising in all domains, there is the question of whether or not we use it in our work. Although there is still a need for humans, more companies are starting to use automation in their systems.

Hence, should business leaders let AI take decisions to facilitate some processes? At the moment, most leaders would say no as they do not feel comfortable leaving such decisions to automation software, despite the possible benefits that go with it. Yet, AI, alongside the Internet of Things (IoT) and big data, is becoming a vital part in order to ease decision-making, which will probably be essential in our future.

So, could AI really replace human decision-making? As for now, it is still too early to leave humans completely out of the equation. There are too many risks and fears that go with having machines taking over entirely.

Moreover, AI’s capabilities complement human abilities rather than reproduce them. Hence, AI and humans collaborate together to manage the risks and provide the best strategies possible. AI helps IT teams by absorbing large amounts of data in a short time and thus, giving quick solutions. On the other hand, humans are here to manage AI decisions and supervising operations. Without the human touch, especially in situations that involve consumers’ advice and interactions, AI is still not able to take relevant decisions.

Companies that are implementing AI must find the correct balance between machine-driven AI and humans in order to manage risks and get the best decision-making possible


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