AI to help predict protein structures in the human body

It was recently reported that researchers were able to use artificial intelligence (AI) to predict the structures of almost every protein in the human body.

Indeed, researchers have developed a program called AlphaFold to predict the shapes of 350,000 proteins, which is critical to help advance the future of medicine. With this, health providers will be able to find new drugs and treatments to treat disease.

The AI system is said to give the most complete and accurate picture of the human proteome to date. AlphaFold can make an accurate prediction of the structural positions for 58% of the amino acids in the human proteome, and 35.7% were predicted with a very high degree of confidence.
Besides, the AI allows the prediction to take place in a couple of minutes instead of months. Hence, the systems help the development of new drugs and treatments for diseases but also for the design of future crops that can resist climate change and enzymes that can break down plastic.
AlphaFold is described as being one of the most important datasets since the mapping of the human genome. It showcased the significant benefits AI can bring to society when it is used for good.

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