AI software to diagnose breast cancer more accurately

The first artificial intelligence (AI) software to diagnose accurately breast cancer has received approval for implementation in the UK and the EU.

Indeed, the AI-based software was developed by Panakeia and is able to predict biomarker status from digitally imaged routine pathology samples. By using computer vision and AI tools, the technology can reveal vital information about underlying biomarker status as well as offer the right treatment strategies.

The AI software can offer readout from the initial H&E image quicker and more accurately. It then provides a cheaper alternative to traditional testing that can up to weeks and help healthcare systems save huge amounts of money.

Hence, the technology has recently received UKCA and CE certification for clinical use by health services in the UK and EU. It is currently being trialed in UK hospitals and should be expanding into Europe, North America, and Asia. New technologies will have a central role in healthcare as they will help in improving patients’ treatments and offer better and faster solutions to health providers.


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