AI software that tracks how much time politicians spend on their phones during meetings

A new AI software was developed to track how much time politicians spend on their phones during meetings.

Indeed, the government committee meetings in Belgium are available to all live-streamed on youtube. A Belgium artist, Dries Depoorter, thus decided to create an artificial intelligence (AI) system that can detect how many times politicians are checking their phones.

In order to do so, the software uses image recognition to scan the phone when the livestream starts. AI is then used with facial recognition to identify which politicians are rather spending time on their phones than listening to the meeting.

However, this is not all. The creator even went as far as setting up an automated Twitter account to publicly call out the politicians who are on their phones. The Twitter account is sharing the name of the person concerned as well as a clip of them during the meeting.

This has led to divided opinions among the public as some people are praising the system while others are condemning it. We can indeed wonder how misleading this is and if it’s even lawful and legal.

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