AI recognition tool to help the farming industry

The use of AI in agriculture and, particularly in the farming industry, is on the rise. Indeed, an Irish start-up recently developed a facial recognition tool, which can help identifies cows.


The use of automation technology in the farming industry is barely starting and this new software is a positive sign towards change. The AI tool allows farmers to identify individual animals based on hiding patterns and facial recognition. The AI would be able to recognize each cow by certain features in only a few seconds, hence enabling the recording of individual patterns and movements.


The software can also track data, including food and water intake, heat detection, and behavior patterns.  This information is then used to drive on-farm decisions, such as reproduction management, milk production, and animal health.


In order for this to be possible, farmers still need to have cameras and computing powers in their form to do visual monitoring and upload the data to the cloud.


Using AI tools in agriculture is just the beginning. Indeed, AI has also shown its benefits with wild animals by recording their movements and helping understand the transformation of populations. In time, it will be valuable in many sectors and will be a vital tool in the field of conservation.

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