AI and cybersecurity experts to help strengthen national security

The initiative CyberASAP (Cyber Security Academic Startup Accelerator Programme) will give cybersecurity and artificial intelligence (AI) experts at De Montfort University Leicester (DMU) the opportunity to deliver their ideas into commercial products to reinforce national security.

Indeed, this programme, which is funded by the UK Government and delivered through KTN and Innovate UK, aims to develop a strong security sector. Hence, the initiative will create a security sector that can meet national security demands as part of the government’s £1.9billion national cybersecurity strategy.

The two teams of experts from DMU’s Cyber Technology Institute and Institute of Artificial Intelligence will then be able to develop a lot of skills that are vital to operating in the commercial world. They will also have the possibility to teach these skills in UK universities as well as teach academics how to exploit their research, skills, and expertise within the commercial market.

The first DMU team, CyberAgents, aims to develop an incident response team using human/AI hybrid technology. It will be led by Dr. Smith alongside Professor Daniela Romano. The second team, SACRED, will be developing an innovative web security tool using advanced AI technology to identify malicious web crawlers and help protect online services and websites of businesses all the while ensuring their customer’s privacy and data security. It will be led by Dr. Mary He, alongside Professor Yingjie Yang and Dr. Francisco J Aparicio Navarro.

The CyberASAP initiative will then help speed up the pace of the UK cybersecurity development by implementing the National Security Strategy of the UK and strengthening the nation’s overall security.

Since its creation in 2017, CyberASAP has helped more than 90 teams from universities across the UK to develop their innovations.

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