ADVA to lead the AI-NET-PROTECT project for better automated networks

It was recently announced that ADVA would be leading the AI-NET-PROTECT project in order to drive automated resilience and security in private networks and critical infrastructure.

Indeed, this project, which includes various European industry and research partners, aims to address urgent challenges such as dealing with the threat of quantum computing regarding the data confidentiality of businesses and governments. It eventually wants to create open and scalable network architectures with AI-based management and network protection.

In the long run, the initiative will be developing technology to leverage real-time telemetry and intelligent control so as to increase automation, simplify operations, as well as safeguard sensitive information.

The project is part of the Accelerating Digital Transformation in Europe with Intelligent Network Automation (AI-NET) initiative and will hopefully shift the cloud infrastructure from its current centralized model towards edge-centric computing using 5G and AI.


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