A third of holidaying Brits say mobile app issues ruined their vacay

New research has revealed that mobile apps played a critical role in the British holiday experience this summer.

According to New Relic’s research, 75% of British adults use holidays apps when booking holidays and for travel information. But, with more than a third of holidaying Brits saying app problems ruin their holiday, it’s vital that travel and holiday companies have strong measurement and monitoring strategies in place to spot and stop app performance issues sooner.
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Respondents revealed that the top digital frustrations on holiday include poor mobile signal or spotty Wi-Fi (44%); phone/tablet apps not working (35%); not being able to get boarding cards loaded (31%) and not having the latest airline apps to take advantage of new features (i.e. in-flight entertainment) (23%).

Bad app experiences

When apps go wrong, the consequence could be costly. 15% of survey respondents revealed they have missed, or nearly missed, a form of transport because of incorrect information from apps, while 15% have also missed out on a bargain or deal.

“Companies must prepare to scale for the digital holiday getaway, in much the same way that Britain’s transportation network prepares. It’s vital a company knows their app’s pressure points and real-time visibility can help them to prevent and anticipate problems,” comments Mark Fieldhouse, Vice President, New Relic, in a press release.

“Because we all deserve a carefree and restful holiday, it shouldn’t be ruined by a slow or unstable app!”

The report also found that bad app experiences have led to 20% of respondents getting lost in an unfamiliar place, with 19% visiting a tourist site or restaurant that no longer exists.

Written by Leah Alger

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