ImmuniWeb launches website security and GDPR compliance test

ImmuniWeb’s online test quickly verifies relevant GDPR and PCI DSS requirements, checks CMS security and runs a privacy check. The test was initially designed for SMEs and organisations with nascent application security testing programs. Large organisations with mature DevSecOps programs can also quickly run hundreds of daily GDPR scans ensuring…
ImmuniWeb launches website security and GDPR compliance test

Google faces GDPR complaint for tracking users

Google faces GDPR complaint: Consumer agencies in seven EU countries have filed a complaint with privacy watchdogs over Google’s tracking system, according to a BEUC press release. The complaints draw on research from, Forbrukerrådet, a Norwegian consumer agency. According to the agency, and BEUC, Google has been tracking the movements of…
Google faces GDPR complaint

Kaspersky Lab: The unexpected side effects of GDPR

According to Kaspersky Lab, amongst the expected denials of service and email inundations that sprang up as the enforcement date arrived, some unexpected consequences of the legislation have started to rise to the surface

Kaspersky Lab

TDM – ‘critical component’ for GDPR

Test data management (TDM) is essential for having a complete data and security policy, according to Founder and Chief Strategy Officer at Tricentis, Wolfgang Platz


Tech firms block EU users over GDPR

Following the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) which comes to light tomorrow, technology companies have been blocking European users from its servers to ensure compliance