97% of businesses to use open-source software

A recent report by OpenUK revealed that 97% of businesses are using open-source software.

Indeed, it was found out that open-source software makes up for £43.1 billion of the UK economy, with almost all UK leaders using open-source software within their organizations.

The study showed that 64% of these businesses also experienced business growth through an increase in hiring for open-source software roles over the past year. Besides, it was also stated that around 48% of businesses are using open-source software more as digital adoption is adopted throughout enterprises.

Moreover, the report revealed that 53% of non-tech organizations contribute to open source software projects, and 89% of the UK public sector run open-source software internally in their business. The UK public sector is looking to increase its open-source skills. It was also found out that smaller companies are more likely to use open-source software in their businesses.

Some of the top reasons to adopt open-source are lower costs, collaboration, skill development, a better quality of code, and finally, security.

Another report is to be published in September 2021, highlighting the value of open-source software to the digital economy.


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