6,500 dark web pages removed by hackers

Dark Web hosting service provider, Daniel’s Hosting, has been hacked, removing 6,500 sites from the server, the service confirmed via a message on the site.

Software developer, Daniel Winzen, who operates Daniel’s Hosting, said the attacker gained and removed all the accounts – including the root server.

Winzen said that all the data files kept on the page weren’t backed up either.

“There is no way to recover from this breach, all data is gone,” Winzen wrote in a message on the website’s main portal.

In his message, he said that he expects the site to be back up and running by December.

Dark Web hosting

Daniel’s Hosting offered a wide range of Onion websites, which run on the Tor, or The Onion Router, network.

Tor is designed to protect the identity of web users, and the services on his page varied from fan fiction to malware, web marketplaces and drop sites for whistle-blowers.

Winzen said that his research shows that the trespasser was only able to get administrative rights over the database, instead of full access to the system.

As of yet, Winzen said he is still trying to work out the cause of the attack or how the attack was carried out.

The only defect that Winzen has uncovered so far is a PHP zero-day vulnerability, but he doesn’t think the PHP flaw was the main vulnerability.

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