Hackers steal and ransom financial data from IT firm Citycomp

Cyber hackers are attempting to blackmail Citycomp, a German IT firm, with stolen data on some of the world’s most valuable companies, according to a Motherboard report.

Hackers created a website in which they claimed to have stolen “over 516GBb data financial and private information on all clients” from Citycomp, a firm that provides server, storage, and other computer equipment to large companies.


The firm provides internet infrastructure for several different companies including Oracle, Airbus, Hugo Boss, Porsche, and Volkswagen.

Michael Bartsch, executive director of Deutor Cyber Security Solutions, a firm Citycomp said was authorised to speak about the attack, confirmed that the breach had occurred to Motherboard.

“Citycomp has been hacked and blackmailed and the attack is ongoing,” Bartsch said. “We have to be careful as the whole case is under police investigation and the attacker is trying all tricks.”

Barsch added that the firm has informed all affected clients about the recent attack.

“We did not yield to the extortion demands and our analysts are conducting a profound technical and forensic analysis on the attack,” he said.

It still remains unclear what the hackers are demanding.

Stolen data

The company said that the files would be released on April 31st, 2019, but as Motherboard’s Joseph Cox notes in the report, there are only 30 days in April.

Cox said that the stolen data was not available and that a “403 forbidden” error message when he clicked on the files.

However, Cox was able to see the list of files and their names, many of which suggest the files contained finance-related spreadsheets.

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