Malwarebytes: Infected Electrum Bitcoin Wallets reach 152,000

A new report by anti-malware software firm, Malwarebytes has claimed that the number of infected Electrum Bitcoin Wallets has reached 152,000 following an ongoing Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) attack on its servers.

Stolen funds

Malwarebytes said the amount of stolen funds have increased to $4.6m (£3.5m), and the botnet that is “flooding the Electrum infrastructure is rapidly growing”.

On April 24th, the number of infected machines in the botnet was just under 100,000, and on the following day, it reached its highest at 152,000.

The firm managed to identify a loader, dubbed “Trojan.BeamWinHTTP”, which is involved in downloading the previously detected Electrum DosMiner.

The firm discovered that the largest concentration of bots is located in the Asia Pacific area, Brazil and Peru.

DDoS attacks

The number of victim’s changes frequently as some machines “get cleaned up”, others are being infected and joining in with the DDoS attack.

Malwarebytes said that users of infected computers may “experience slowdowns in internet speed as they are joined to a botnet that performs DDoS attacks.”

Electrum has advised users to download the Electrum software from their website and their GitHub repository in order to protect themselves from any further attacks.

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