Mozilla’s Firefox 66 update blocks audio by default

Mozilla has officially released Firefox 66 for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android.

With this new update, Firefox can now automatically detect and block distracting auto-playing video and audio, according to a Firefox release note that was published on Tuesday (March.19th).

Clips that play on mute will continue to run, but the new update gives existing users the option to add certain websites to a list of exceptions or turn off sound from videos altogether.

Firefox 66

In a blog post, Mozilla says: “To enable auto-play on your favorite websites, add them to your permissions list by visiting the control center — which can be found by clicking the lowercase ‘i’ with a circle in the address bar. From there go to Permissions and select ‘allow’ in the drop down to automatically play media with sound.”

This might sound like a good strategy for those that plan to spend their weekend watching shows on Netflix, Mozilla adds.

“If your weekend plans involve catching up on your favourite TV series, you’ll want to make it interruption-free. To play the videos continuously, hit play and all subsequent videos will play automatically, just as the site intended. This will apply to all streaming sites including Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube. To continue to auto-play from the first video, you should add those sites to your permissions list,” Mozilla wrote in their blog post.

Other updates

Other updates include improved security notification, the ability to search with multiple open tabs, scroll anchoring, a new private browsing mode, web authentication support for Windows Hello, and improved extensions.

The main goal of the feature is to minimise any online inconveniences such as auto-playing videos, pop-ups, and page jumps, Mozilla said.

The new block auto-play feature will be rolled out gradually to all users, the company added.

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