Amazon’s ‘Project Zero’ to allow brands to remove counterfeit products

Last Thursday (Feb.28th), Amazon debuted ‘Project Zero,’ an initiative aimed at removing the spread of counterfeit products on Amazon, according to a recent blog post 

Like most tech platforms, Amazon has for a long time struggled with how to deal with the large numbers of counterfeit products sold on their website.

Previously, brands could only flag potential counterfeits for Amazon to review and delete.

Project Zero 

But now, Project Zero will allow brands to delete counterfeit products from the site without Amazon’s help.

The new program will make use of machine learning technology to monitor and scan for counterfeit items.

Amazon said it would test the feature on an “invite only” basis. 

“Our aim is that customers always receive authentic goods when shopping on Amazon,” the online retailer said in a statement.

“Project Zero builds on our long-standing work and investments in this area. It allows brands to work with us to leverage our combined strengths to move quickly and at scale to drive counterfeits to zero.”

“Product serialisation”

The brands that plan to participate in the program will use a “product serialisation” codes to authenticate every product sold under a specific brand name.

“With Project Zero, brands no longer need to contact us to remove a counterfeit listing. Instead, they can do so, quickly and easily, using our new self-service tool,” Amazon said.

The online retailer said in its blog post that its automated protections proactively stop 100 times more suspected counterfeit products than what it reactively removes based on reports from brands.

Amazon concluded that it plans to add more brands to the system.

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