Adobe fixes Premiere Pro bug that damaged MacBook Pro speakers

Adobe has released a patch for the Adobe Premiere Pro, its video editing suite, via the Creative Cloud, to resolve a bug that left some users with blown-out MacBook Pro speakers, according to a MacRumors report.

The update, 13.03, is now available through Adobe’s Creative Cloud service.

Adobe describes the particular fix as fixing: “issues with Premiere Pro that reduce noise interaction and help minimise the possible impact”.

The issue first appeared on Adobe’s support forums after multiple MacBook Pro owners said they could hear loud and distorted sounds while using the application.

Adobe advised customers to try disabling their MacBook’s microphone input as a possible fix, but the issue persisted for some users.

Last Friday, an Adobe representative confirmed in a reply on the forum by saying that the company was “aware” of the bug and is “working on a solution that will help users mitigate risk”.

While Adobe is urging the user to install the update, the company didn’t confirm whether it plans to reimburse customers affected by the bug.

Last year, Adobe was hit with a m lawsuit from a Premiere Pro user whose personal media files were deleted by the video-editing suite.
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