Apple to sell iPhone 7 & 8 in Germany but with Qualcomm chips

Apple will begin selling modified versions of its iPhone 7 and 8 models in Germany following a court’s decision to ban the sales of these iPhone models over a patent infringement lawsuit that Qualcomm won last year, according to a Reuters report.

Apple said it had “no choice” but to comply with the order and replace the Intel Chips in the iPhone models with chips from Qualcomm in order to allow them to be sold in the country again.


“Qualcomm is attempting to use injunctions against our products to try to get Apple to succumb to their extortionist demands. In many cases they are using patents they purchased or that have nothing to do with their cellular technology to harass Apple and other industry players,” an Apple spokesperson said.

“To ensure all iPhone models can again be available to customers in Germany, we have no choice but to stop using Intel chips and ship our phones with Qualcomm chips in Germany. Qualcomm is working to eliminate competition by any means they can, harming consumers and stifling industry innovation along the way.”

Last week, WinFuture released a report stating that German retail sources said that Apple will introduce new variants of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 in Germany despite the sales ban enacted in December.

“Envelope tracking” patent

Qualcomm, the world-biggest supplier of mobile chips, sued Apple in Germany, claiming that Apple violated its “envelope tracking” patent, a feature that helps mobile phone preserve battery power while sending and receiving wireless signals.

The German court ruled in favour of Qualcomm in its patent infringement case against Apple and decided to ban the sales of some iPhone models in the country.

While battling lawsuits from Qualcomm, China also banned the sales and imports of most iPhone models in the country as well. However, Apple reversed the court’s decision to ban some of its iPhone models by releasing a software update to address infringement complaints.

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