EMIS Group to move 40m patient records to Amazon cloud

EMIS Group, one of the UK’s major healthcare suppliers, plans to transfer more than 40m patient records on to UK-based Amazon Webb Services (AWS), according to a Silicon Tech report.

EMIS Group’s EMIS Web is used by more than 10,000 major healthcare organisations, and around 56% of all GPs in the country use their product to handle patient records. Their service will be migrated to AWS hub as EMIS-X, a new cloud-based software that fully supports healthcare teams across the country.

Their new software, which still needs to be permitted by NHS Digital, would transfer clinical documents and information from the company’s previous server onto AWS.

The migration is one of the biggest shifts of NHS electronic patient records to date.

Health and social care secretary, Matt Hancock, expressed his plans to move NHS records on to public cloud services in October. The health secretary said that healthcare providers would benefit from the “resilience and back-ups of some of the most cyber-aware and heavily invested companies in the world”.

Earlier this year, NHS Digital released a newly-published cloud computing guidance document, arguing that public cloud services are a safe place to store confidential patient information. In the document, the NHS also approved the use of cloud services for storing medical data at facilities in Europe and the US.

EMIS-X features

In a recent release, EMIS said that the aim of EMIS-X is to fully support inter-operability and “share live data through cross-application working”.

The release stated: “Clinicians working in any location with any third-party technology will be able to view and share vital patient information safely and ethically.

“They will be able to see a consolidated view of key medical information across healthcare organisations using EMIS-X, partner products, other NHS systems and information from patients themselves, giving a unique insight into patients’ medical history.

“We have been working closely with clinicians and other customers, during 2018, to develop EMIS-X,” said EMIS chief executive, Andy Thorburn. “We believe it is the blueprint for the future of connected healthcare in the UK.”

EMIS-X uses a range of new technologies, including GP video consultation via Patient Access, and voice recognition technology to make consultation sessions more patient-friendly.

EMIS also said their platform uses analytics to supply users with more information about appointment capacity, prescribing, and referral patterns.

The change in software comes during a time when the NHS plans to pour £450m into modernising outdated digital care frameworks.




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