Asda customers targeted by scammers on Facebook

Asda customers are being warned about fake voucher scams which claim to give away vouchers worth £85, according to a Manchester Evening News report.

A Facebook page called ‘Asda stores’ is encouraging users to like, comment, and share their page with a chance of winning fake vouchers. But the offer is fake and instead allows scammers to retrieve your money in exchange.

The page was only created in the last couple of days, with the first post being on November 30th. Several posts have now appeared on the page, with the latest post being a couple of hours ago.

The supermarket posted a warning about the scam and told Manchester Evening News that the page isn’t affiliated with Asda. A supermarket spokesperson has also asked Facebook to remove the fake business page from the site.

It isn’t the first time scammers have used big corporate brands to offer fake vouchers to customers. 

Just a week ago, police warned social media users to be wary of a scam which claims that they can take part in a competition and win tickets to a Centre Parcs’ holiday if they post a picture on Facebook.

Before uploading an image or submitting any details on a social media page, Police have advised users take time to check if a social media page is legitimate or not. 

They said that users should check if the page has a blue tick next to their name, check how many likes the page receives, and how frequently the company posts on their page.

In 2017, Lidl and many other shopping stores warned customers about a similar scam on Facebook.


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