Amazon to sell medical software

Amazon plans to start selling a software that allows doctors and hospitals to collect patient data to further enhance aspects of treatment and save costs, according to a Wall Street Journal (WSJ) report.

Their new program, dubbed Amazon Comprehend Medical, is capable of using machine learning to extract and read data from patients’ records, which will help medical professionals identify important information and help practitioners make informed decisions with their patients.

The company had already created and sold a similar machine-learning system to organisations within the travel, customer support, and supply-chain management market, the WSJ reports.

In their blog, Amazon said their Amazon medical software will help medical experts, or teams of developers writing custom code to mine data and improve “patient outcomes through technology.”

The company said their software can gather information such as “patient diagnosis, treatments, dosages, symptoms and signs, and more.”

Their blog also states that their software will protect health information and improve the level of privacy for patients. “No data processed by the service is stored or used for training,” it said.

Acquisitions and partnerships

Amazon is the latest technology company to apply their machine-learning skills to create software that helps healthcare experts. Earlier this year, Amazon spent around $1bn buying the online pharmacy, PillPack.

Amazon isn’t the only tech company investing heavily in the healthcare sector.  Earlier this month, Apple partnered with the Department of Veterans Affairs to help develop a software that will allow millions of military veterans access to their medical files through their iPhones.

Apple is trying to turn its smartwatch from a niche fitness gadget into a healthcare device, after partnering with researchers at Stanford University to run an Apple Heart Study, to investigate atrial fibrillation.

Last year, Microsoft also launched a new healthcare department, as part of its plans to implement artificial intelligence (AI) in the healthcare market.









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