John Lewis’ website crashes on Black Friday

John Lewis website seems to have gone down as they failed to cope with the flow in Black Friday traffic, according to a message on the site.

John Lewis apologised to customers for any disruption caused.

The message read: “Sorry about the wait, please try again soon. It’s our Black Friday event so we’re busier than usual.”

The retailer reminded customers that they can either wait until the site becomes fully operational, or continue their shopping in-store.

According to Antony Edwards, COO of Eggplant, it’s important that websites are properly tested and responsive to ensure they don’t crash when they experience high volumes of traffic.

“If a website or app isn’t up to scratch, those retailers will quickly lose customers to competitors – our own research found that that almost 60% of consumers feel much more negative to a brand if its site is consistently slow to load,” he said.

“It is no longer enough to have a site or app designed to sustain a one-off deluge of traffic. Brands are under scrutiny to deliver peak performance week-in, week-out, whatever the sale, season or event. Those that struggle with this demand, such as John Lewis, are almost certainly going to experience loss of customers. And, in this retail environment, that is something that should be avoided at all costs,” he added.

It’s not clear how long the widespread outage will last for but it isn’t the first time John Lewis’s website has experienced outages on Black Friday.

In 2015, John Lewis website crashed as it was overwhelmed by the surge of traffic. Apple, Amazon, and Game were among those retailers that also experienced an outage in 2015’s Black Friday sales.

Facebook and Amazon were also affected by the swarm of traffic on Black Friday, as both companies were unable to post ads on their platforms.

Cybersecurity experts have also warned customers that hackers plan to use fake apps to convince people into sharing their login credentials or credit cards on the day.

UPDATE: the website is now fully operational and maintenance is currently in progress.

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