HMRC glitch fixed that left childminders unpaid

HMRC glitch fixed that left childminders unpaid

HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) have managed to fix a glitch on a tax-free childcare website which left childcare providers across the UK unpaid for an entire week, according to a Computer Weekly report.

The report states that HMRC said that the issue has now been fixed, and those that were affected have received their payments.

Around 22,000 tax-free childcare payments were delayed, according to the report.

Payments were meant to be transferred to childcare providers between Tuesday 30th October and Thursday 1st November, but instead, payments were made on November the 7th.

This latest problem arises after the tax-free childcare scheme had received over 1,000 complaints in the three months after its launch in early 2018.

The scheme is designed to make it easier for parents to return back to work by helping them save for childcare costs for children under 12.

For every deposit of 80p that parents donate, the government adds an additional 20p, the equivalent of up £2,000 support per child per year, or £4,000 for children with disability.

Parents can send payments that they owe to childcare providers by sending money directly through to their childcare accounts.

In this instance, money left parents accounts, but the provider didn’t receive their payments until 8 days later.

Social media reaction

Last week, parents flocked to social media to express their feelings and opinions about the latest tax-free childcare situation.

Sharlz 1978 said: “@HMRCgovuk when will the issue with tax-free childcare be sorted! My money has been lost with you for 8 days!

Another social media user said: “Only the @HMRCgovuk could take parents money, hold it for two weeks, Blame a “glitch” & leave self-employed childminders in the dark over where their money is & in the red with their bills. Absolute joke! Maybe I’ll have a “glitch” in Jan when you’re looking for tax from me.”

Another childminder’s circumstances seem to be even worse, with issues spanning over a year.

Dan Hardwick’s Tweet read: “Good evening, could someone get in touch with me regarding Tax-Free Childcare please, I have been having issues for over a year now and it’s just not acceptable.”

If you’re still yet to be reimbursed or experiencing any problems, call the Childcare Service helpline on 0300 123 4097.

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