Low Code - the future or fad?

Low Code – the future of app development?

Low Code – the future of app development? STNews recently attended the ‘Mendix on Tour’ conference to speak to End Users of this new paradigm and to hear how one company is influencing the future of Low Code. Arriving on stage with the charisma and charm that would give any…

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Glitch in London’s Stock Exchange causes severe delays

A technical glitch in London’s Stock Exchange (LSE) caused an over an hour’s delay in trading due to a “potential Trading Service issue”. In a statement, LSE has said that other parts of the market are working as usual, but that waits were being experienced in the FTSE 100 and…

AI augmentation will be a $2.9 trillion business by 2021

AI augmentation and decision support will generate a massive $2.9 trillion (£2.4 trillion) of business value in 2021 according to a report by Gartner Inc. The research and advisory company also found in the investigation that 6.2 billion hours of productivity will be worked in the sector in that year,…

Capital One data breach exposed details of “100 million individuals”

One of the United State’s biggest financial corporations has exposed the personal and economic data of a huge amount of customers through a massive data breach. Capital One in North America reported on Monday that 140,000 Social Security numbers from its credit card customers, 80,000 linked bank account details and…
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Equifax fined $700m in biggest ever FTC data breach settlement

Following a data breach in 2017, Equifax, have been made to pay $700 million (£561 million) in the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) ’s biggest fine to date. The credit score agency has been accused of failing to take out enough security to protect customer data, resulting in a data breach…

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VIDEO – How software testers can add value in a microservices world

VIDEO Chekib Ayed - The testing is dead, long live the testing!

VIDEO – The testing is dead, long live the testing!

National Software Testing Conference - Felicity Lord test Happy Applying positivity to the Testing Process

VIDEO – Applying positivity to the software testing process

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National Software Testing Conference 2018 highlights

Two-thirds of top unis unprotected against phishing attacks

Students have been warned to be careful of potential phishing emails after some of the UK’s top universities failed to carry out adequate protection against cyber-attacks. Email security and software company, Proofpoint, discovered that of the UK’s top 20 universities, 65% of them had not published Domain Fraud Prevention (DMARC)…
Uni's not protected

Tube users to be tracked through Wi-Fi

Users of London’s underground system will have their data and movements tracked through the Wi-Fi on their phones, starting this week. The decision to use data in this way is hoped to be a huge move forward in the way that the 156-year-old underground transport structure works. Instead of building…

US proposes bill to stamp out algorithm bias in tech firms

US lawmakers proposed a new bill on Wednesday that would require large tech firms to remove any algorithm bias embedded in their computer systems. The bill, entitled the Algorithmic Accountability Act of 2019, would authorise the Federal Trade Commission to create regulations requiring companies to assess their systems for race,…
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EU backs one-hour deadline for social networks to remove terrorist content

The European Union Commission has approved legislation that requires social media sites to remove terrorist content from their sites within one hour of being notified by authorities, according to an Associated Press (AP) report. If they fail to adhere to these new rules, they could be fined up to 4%…
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