Low Code - the future or fad?

Low Code – the future of app development?

Low Code – the future of app development? STNews recently attended the ‘Mendix on Tour’ conference to speak to End Users of this new paradigm and to hear how one company is influencing the future of Low Code. Arriving on stage with the charisma and charm that would give any…

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7-Eleven customers lose thousands of pounds through new app flaw

7-Eleven customers in Japan have lost 55 million Yen (£405,000) through an app flaw that allowed hackers to easily gain access to their accounts. 900 customers were exploited through their 7pay accounts, when hackers used the app to make fraudulent charges using their details. Exploiting a flaw in the app’s…
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Iranian officials seize 1,000 illegal Bitcoin mining machines

1,000 Iranian Bitcoin mining machines have been seized from two abandoned factories in Iran, according to the international news organisation, Reuters. It’s thought that the machines were taken just days after Iranian officials had complained that the consumption of subsidised electricity had spiked. This had been blamed on cryptocurrency mining.…
Iranian officials seize 1,000 illegal Bitcoin mining machines

Facebook to announce launching their own Cryptocurrency

Facebook are to announce details this week of their plan of to release their own cryptocurrency which is thought to be unlike any currency in the crypto market as of yet. The point of the project, known as Libra,  is so that users can change dollars, or whichever currency they…

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VIDEO – How software testers can add value in a microservices world

VIDEO Chekib Ayed - The testing is dead, long live the testing!

VIDEO – The testing is dead, long live the testing!

National Software Testing Conference - Felicity Lord test Happy Applying positivity to the Testing Process

VIDEO – Applying positivity to the software testing process

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National Software Testing Conference 2018 highlights

US proposes bill to stamp out algorithm bias in tech firms

US lawmakers proposed a new bill on Wednesday that would require large tech firms to remove any algorithm bias embedded in their computer systems. The bill, entitled the Algorithmic Accountability Act of 2019, would authorise the Federal Trade Commission to create regulations requiring companies to assess their systems for race,…
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EU backs one-hour deadline for social networks to remove terrorist content

The European Union Commission has approved legislation that requires social media sites to remove terrorist content from their sites within one hour of being notified by authorities, according to an Associated Press (AP) report. If they fail to adhere to these new rules, they could be fined up to 4%…
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Cyberattacks becoming more costly and focused, UK government figures show 

While fewer businesses are suffering attacks or breaches, cyberattacks are becoming more costly and targeted, according to government figures. The Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2019 shows that around one in three businesses (32%) was a victim of an attack or breach in the past 12 months. While this is lower…
Cyberattacks becoming more costly and focused, UK government figures show 

Copyright reform backed by EU governments

The majority of EU governments on Wednesday officially approved a draft reform of copyright laws despite heavy opposition from tech firms, meme creators, and privacy campaigners. However, according to a Reuters report, Finland, Italy, the Netherlands, and Poland refused to support the deal – and two other EU countries abstained.…
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