The future of software testing

The future of software testing

The future of software testing Based in California, Curtail is a software company that safeguards customer’s finance and user experience. Chief technical officer, Robert Ross, tells us what software testing and DevOps means to him and why continuous change is vital to the industry. Tell us about your company and…

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RBS and NatWest glitch prevents bill payments  

A glitch at the Royal Bank of Scotland and NatWest has left customers unable to pay bills and access credit card accounts. The problem came at a critical time in the month, just before credit card payments were due. Both websites and call centres have been affected by the bug,…

98% of fintech start-ups exposed to cyber attacks

A huge 98% of global fintech start-ups are vulnerable to phishing, web, and mobile application security attacks, research from web security company ImmuniWeb has exposed. The investigation was conducted on the top 100 most prominent and well-funded fintech start-up companies according to machine intelligence firm, CB Insights. Its purpose was…

Capital One staff predicted massive breach

Staff at Capital One say they warned of their worry over security breaches at the bank before last month’s huge hacker attack happened. 106 million customers and applicants were affected in July’s breach, which saw personal data stolen from the financial corporation in one of the biggest violations of recent…
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Hacker attack closes ECB website

The European Central Bank has had to close one of its websites after “unauthorized parties” infected it with malicious software. The attack took place on ECBs Banks’ Integrated Reporting Dictionary (BIRD) site, a website that provides bankers with info on how to build statistical and supervisory reports. The bank shut…

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VIDEO – How software testers can add value in a microservices world

VIDEO Chekib Ayed - The testing is dead, long live the testing!

VIDEO – The testing is dead, long live the testing!

National Software Testing Conference - Felicity Lord test Happy Applying positivity to the Testing Process

VIDEO – Applying positivity to the software testing process

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National Software Testing Conference 2018 highlights

Two-thirds of top unis unprotected against phishing attacks

Students have been warned to be careful of potential phishing emails after some of the UK’s top universities failed to carry out adequate protection against cyber-attacks. Email security and software company, Proofpoint, discovered that of the UK’s top 20 universities, 65% of them had not published Domain Fraud Prevention (DMARC)…
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Tube users to be tracked through Wi-Fi

Users of London’s underground system will have their data and movements tracked through the Wi-Fi on their phones, starting this week. The decision to use data in this way is hoped to be a huge move forward in the way that the 156-year-old underground transport structure works. Instead of building…

US proposes bill to stamp out algorithm bias in tech firms

US lawmakers proposed a new bill on Wednesday that would require large tech firms to remove any algorithm bias embedded in their computer systems. The bill, entitled the Algorithmic Accountability Act of 2019, would authorise the Federal Trade Commission to create regulations requiring companies to assess their systems for race,…
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EU backs one-hour deadline for social networks to remove terrorist content

The European Union Commission has approved legislation that requires social media sites to remove terrorist content from their sites within one hour of being notified by authorities, according to an Associated Press (AP) report. If they fail to adhere to these new rules, they could be fined up to 4%…
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