TEST Magazine July 2017

The July 2017 issue of TEST Magazine reveals how Artificial Intelligence (AI) is everywhere: from technological working, business and financial analytics to fictional narratives. Questions about its use can be simplified into: does it provide a gateway to a new age of technological possibilities or a negative outlook for workers and society in general?

TEST Magazine

TEST Magazine was specifically created as a voice for the modern-day software testing and quality assurance professional. Launched in 2008 and distributed to an audience over 14,000, the publication provides news, features and practical, as well as professional, advice on all facets of software testing. TEST Magazine is widely regarded as the leading journal for software testing and quality assurance in Europe and beyond.


TEST Magazine’s readership is made up of C-level executives and directors in QA and Software Testing departments, as well as test managers, team leaders, consultants and analysts. We also have a wide readership in IT Management, as well as in academic circles. Focused primarily on the European market, 50% of our readership base comes from the UK. We do stretch beyond the European borders with numerous readers in USA, India and Australia.

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Editorial calendar

Published each year in September, the editorial plan for the next 12 months acts as a blueprint for the magazine. TEST Magazine prides itself on its in-depth coverage of the latest trends, good practices and challenges concerning software testing professionals. Each issue explores some key features, everything from Test Automation, to DevOps and Big Data, through to Mobile, ETL and Agile Testing. In addition, each issue covers a different industry sector such as Manufacturing or Retail, as well as regular features such as thought-leadership pieces and industry news.

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TEST Magazine consistently strives to push the market forward and prides on delivering up-to-date and informed research that helps our readers develop long-term strategies and implement sustainable solutions.
From the Benchmark Reports to our Executive Workshops and TEST Focus Groups, we are able to pool together senior decision makers from different vertical sectors to discuss their challenges in a meaningful and structured manner and share the findings with our network in hope to continually educate and promote healthy discussions for the betterment of the software testing and QA industry.

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