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European Software Testing Awardsvideo

The European Software Testing Awards 2016 Cecilia Rehn Welcome Speech

The European Software Testing Awards has been celebrating companies and individuals, who have accomplished significant achievements in the software testing and quality assurance market,...
Connected Cars cognizantvideo

Video: connected cars – a new force in the digital automotive world Consumers are no longer looking at their vehicles as purely a means of transportation, but rather as a component of a continuously connected lifestyle....
virtual reality cognizantvideo

Video: AR and VR are changing shopping experiences To thrive in a digital world marked by heightened consumer expectations for hyper-personalisation and instant gratification, retailers are experimenting with augmented reality, virtual reality,...
HPE GameStop testingvideo

Video: GameStop shifts left and accelerates continuous testing Larry Henderson, Senior Manager Quality Assurance, GameStop discusses how the organisation is shifting left in software app lifecycle from development to functional and performance tests,...

Video: Why do Software Testers need analytics & visibility? In this Episode of QASymphony's Whiteboard Friday "Metrics that Matter" you will learn about why testers need analytics and visibility.
With mobile monitoring, cardiac patients are a heartbeat away from helpvideo

Video: mobile monitoring helps cardiac patients When Ziad Sankari was 17 years old, his father died of a heart attack. That tragedy, which could have been avoided if there had...

Capgemini, Sogeti and HP’s World Quality Report 2015-16 – video

The World Quality Report 2015-16, published by Capgemini, Sogeti and HP, is based on a global market research survey of 1560 senior IT executives...

How to measure content performance in today’s market

PwC's Marcel Fenez discusses how to maximise the value of content by blending data insights and deep intuition to drive competitive edge.
The IT factory of the futurevideo

The IT factory of the future

The IT factory of the future. Sandeep Nayak, a partner in Bain's Telecommunications, Media and Technology practice, shares the five traits of leading IT services...

IBM Security discussion

IBM Security discusses the most common trends for data security and protection; and how automated data protections can help to stop suspicious activities, speed...