TEST Magazine recognises DVT as a leading testing provider

DVT has been recognised by TEST Magazine as one of the 20 leading suppliers of testing solutions of 2017 in the UK and European markets

Compensation for broadband users

The regulator Ofcom announces that householders who receive poor service from their telecoms provider are to get automic compensation

How to capture mobile app market?

According to Statista, an international statistics portal, the combined mobile app revenue will reach US$189billion by 2020

Lower your operational costs with a new JMS and IBM MQ service virtualisation tool

Traffic Parrot, a next-generation service virtualisation and API mocking tool, releases a new version that includes JMS and IBM Websphere MQ service virtualisation

HSBC’s app crash

HSBC’s app crashes on the day it said to be spending US$200million on digital banking services

Third-party swipes Dell’s web address

Third-party takes over the web address used by recovery software on Dell PCs after a contractor failed to update it

‘Bad Rabbit’ ransomware spreads in Russia and Ukraine

A new strain of malware called 'Bad Rabbit' was recently found in Ukraine and elsewhere

Kofax Mobile ID wins award for Most Innovative Solution

Kofax Mobile ID wins Most Innovative Solution for Banking Customer Authentication in the 2017 Grand Prix Banque and Innovation Awards in Paris, France

Sparkol launches video creator VideoScribe 3

Sparkol introduces VideoScribe Version 3 to create engaging explainer videos

Large enterprises in Hong Kong lose out on revenue, says report

Report finds large enterprises in Hong Kong could lose out on revenue as 84% of IT decision makers reveal they don’t have relevant cloud expertise