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Chip sales soar for Samsung

Samsung’s chip demand is "soaring", making a record profit of US$109million a day

Japan’s Sony expects ‘highest-ever’ annual profit

Japan’s Sony expects its highest-ever profit because of the large sales of image sensors used in smartphones and other devices, raising its full-year operating income forecast

Testbirds expert squeezes in testing tips for HTC

HTC has revealed its new U11 flagship smartphone, introducing its shortcut squeeze feature called Edge Sense, which allows phone interaction when it’s squeezed in...
test automation satellite

New test automation platform for Space Systems Finland

Space Systems Finland Oy (SSF) develops software and systems design solutions for customers in aerospace, defense, medical devices, machinery, and nuclear industries. The company’s...

Starbucks set to open cashier free store

Starbucks is opening a dedicated order online only Starbucks at its headquarters in Seattle, Washington. Due to the popularity of its app, whereby customers can pre-order...

A look towards the UK’s Telecoms in 2017 – Part 1

Dave Millett, Equinox, takes an in-depth look at what lies ahead for the UK’s Telecoms sector in two parts. Part 2 will be live...

Satisfying end users

Owning and operating networks in 26 countries, Vodafone Group lives up to its classification as a multinational telecommunications company. Among mobile operator groups globally,...
LinkedIn mobile testing

LinkedIn open sources its iOS testing tool

LinkedIn has open-sourced its in-house developed iOS testing software. The Bluepill code, which is written in Objective-C, is now available on GitHub under a BSD-2 Clause...
software failures in 2016

The biggest software fails of 2016

The newly released Software Fail Watch analyses all software bugs reported in 2016. The result is an extraordinary reminder of why effective software testing...

UK leading the way to a 5G future

In a world first initiative, the UK’s Ordnance Survey (OS) is set to create the UK’s digital twin – a smart map for a smart...