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India introduces a US$4 smartphone

The incredibly low priced Freedom 251 smartphone, whose named is based off of its price in rupees, is the lowest priced smartphone on the...

British app developers are turning to Latin markets

A new survey carried out by One Hour Translation has revealed that mobile app developers from the UK are investing their resources into approaching...

2016: the year software testing gets serious about mobile payments & connected cars

Yoram Mizrachi, CTO and co-founder of Perfecto Mobile, sets out his predictions for the future. 2015 was the year when two strong disruptive technologies emerged...
Summit Report Mobile

European mobile testing trends identified

Soon to be published, The European Software Testing Summit Report, contains findings derived from four years’ worth of project-based entries into The European Software Testing Awards, written...
app user experience testing

Testing for app success

Eran Kinsbruner, Mobile Technical Evangelist, Perfecto, explains how testing for usage patterns and environments are critical to improving mobile quality.  Whether mobile, web or desktop, digital...

Broadband companies to stop advertising ‘misleading’ speeds

From May next year, broadband companies won’t be able to advertise fast net services based on speeds little customers get

Compensation for broadband users

The regulator Ofcom announces that householders who receive poor service from their telecoms provider are to get automic compensation

Google unveils AI phone feature

Google unveils its new artificial intelligence (AI) software that makes appointments on the phone for users by conducting voice-based conversations on their behalf

Virgin Media brings fibre broadband to rural communities

A local campaign in Hampshire, which is in conjunction with Virgin Media, brings fibre broadband to rural communities
LinkedIn mobile testing

LinkedIn open sources its iOS testing tool

LinkedIn has open-sourced its in-house developed iOS testing software. The Bluepill code, which is written in Objective-C, is now available on GitHub under a BSD-2 Clause...