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The tech behind Jaguar Land Rover’s connected cars

Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) and BlackBerry work together to design a new software architecture for JLR's next-generation vehicles

Google’s Sidewalk Labs to design Toronto’s digital city

Google's Sidewalk Labs creates a new digital city on Toronto's Eastern waterfront in a bid to become a model for 21st-century urbanism

Rural areas to witness increase in mobile banking users

According to forecasts, throughout the years more consumers will use apps on their smartphones to make financial transactions, instead of computers or going to the bank

May issue of TEST Magazine is available online

The May issue of TEST Magazine primarily focuses on smart cities and devices, because of technology having the power to make cities around the world more efficient and tech-savvy

5G to ‘revolutionise the way the world works’

5G is the latest technology for connected devices such as drones, autonomous vehicles, and self-driving pods – "revolutionising the way the world works"

Vodafone and Continental to make roads safer

Continental is helping to make roads safer worldwide, with Vodafone’s support through its new digital tyre monitoring platform, ContiConnect

Apple to bring 4 gigawatts of renewable power online by 2020

Apple announces the firm's global facilities are 100% run by renewable energy, and touches upon an eco-friendly incentive

The UK government’s driverless vehicle ‘Industrial Strategy’

In a bid to make the UK one of the leading countries in the world to test, develop and drive self-driving cars, the government has commissioned a three-year review of driving laws

The road to the future: How outsourcing can build the smart city of tomorrow

Smart cities improve the lives of citizens not only through improved work and lifestyle conditions, but also through facilitating easier communication, security, and protecting the environment

Report says AI could be the cure for NHS’ nursing crisis

According to a recent report revealed by the BBC, artificial intelligence (AI) could benefit healthcare officials from the NHS