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tesla smart car

US opens investigation into Tesla following accident

The US authorities are investigating the first death that was potentially caused by self-driving technology – a car by Tesla. A main feature of Tesla’s...

Trusting the IoT

Colin Bull, Principal Consultant Manufacturing and Product Development at SQS, explains the need to embrace IPisation now to trust the connect devices of our...
LIBERIA cybersecurity

Mirai-based attack takes Liberia’s internet offline

Last week, hackers targeting Liberia’s only link to the internet, saw the country repeatedly cut off from the global computer network. Recurrent DDoS attacks up...
Cardiff University

Cardiff University launches Europe’s first cyber security research centre

Cardiff University has been granted £2 million funding from UK research councils, industries and governments, so that it is able to launch important new...

Report says AI could be the cure for NHS’ nursing crisis

According to a recent report revealed by the BBC, artificial intelligence (AI) could benefit healthcare officials from the NHS

Industry advised to ’get real’ about IoT predictions

  A research body is warning companies planning to get into the Internet of Things (IoT) market not to believe all the hype and over...
chatbot UK

Think tank reports: as many as 250,000 public sector jobs set to be replaced...

Artificially intelligent (AI) chatbots could soon replace up to 90% of the UK government’s administrative staff, saving taxpayers billions and streamlining efficient services. According to...

5G to ‘revolutionise the way the world works’

5G is the latest technology for connected devices such as drones, autonomous vehicles, and self-driving pods – "revolutionising the way the world works"

Honda launches connected car services in EU

Honda is leveraging IoT solutions from Cisco Jasper and Bright Box to deliver the MyHonda Connected Car platform. MyHonda Connected Car platform The platform provides a...
weaponisation of IoT

Preventing the weaponisation of IoT

Cesare Garlati, Chief Security Strategist, prpl Foundation, discusses the potentials and pitfalls of The Internet of Things. The Internet of Things is rapidly turning...