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chatbot UK

Think tank reports: as many as 250,000 public sector jobs set to be replaced...

Artificially intelligent (AI) chatbots could soon replace up to 90% of the UK government’s administrative staff, saving taxpayers billions and streamlining efficient services. According to...
F35 software bug

Calls for more comprehensive testing of F-35 Joint Strike Fighter Programme

The US Defense Department’s Director of Combat Testing, Michael Gilmore has called for the incoming Trump administration to “rigorously and comprehensively review” Lockheed Martin...
uber self driving car

Uber brings driverless technologies to a halt after Arizona collision

California-based transportation network company Uber technologies Inc., has suspended their range of pilot driverless vehicles on Saturday after another crash was reported in Arizona. The car,...

China’s personal bodyguard app

A new app that allows “not just the rich and famous” to hire a personal bodyguard is set to be launched in northeast China
Google creates academy

Google creates Digital Skills Academy

Hoping to produce up to 3,000 jobs in London by 2020, Google has announced that their Digital Skills Academy will be opening at Kings...

HiTech Padi Bhd in push to increase Malaysian software testing market share

HeiTech Padu Bhd, is looking to secure 10% of the Malaysian software testing market by 2020
Cardiff University

Cardiff University launches Europe’s first cyber security research centre

Cardiff University has been granted £2 million funding from UK research councils, industries and governments, so that it is able to launch important new...
connected home

The barrier between connected home devices

20.35 billion connected home devices are to be used globally by the end of 2017, which are predicted to increase to 75.44 billion by...
Connected car technology

Driverless vehicles to take over British motorways in 2019

A fleet of six driverless vehicles created by an award-winning Oxford-based company are to be trialled between the roads of Oxford and London in...
LIBERIA cybersecurity

Mirai-based attack takes Liberia’s internet offline

Last week, hackers targeting Liberia’s only link to the internet, saw the country repeatedly cut off from the global computer network. Recurrent DDoS attacks up...