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Politicians raise concerns over Facebook’s data

US, European and UK Politicians call on Facebook to find out how its data on millions of its users is gathered and protected

Phantom Secure CEO busted for supplying drug cartels with smartphones

The chief executive of Phantom Secure, a firm that created highly-secure smartphones for some of the most scandalous criminals, has been indicted

Facebook stops using WhatsApp’s data over upcoming GDPR

In reference to the upcoming GDPR, Facebook has been prevented from making use of UK citizen's Whatsapp data

Google to ban cryptocurrency adverts

Google is to ban all cryptocurrency adverts in a bid to prevent "emerging threats"

Joblift analysis data protection vacancies in light of the upcoming GDPR

Joblift analysis whether the uptake of a Data Protection Officer has been a gradual process since the GDPR announcement

‘Muslim Cyber Army’ spreads racial and religious discrimination

Fourteen members of the "Muslim Cyber Army" have been arrested by Indonesian police over online misinformation campaigns, hate speech and hacking

AI-powered cyber attacks are increasing, says report

Blueliv today releases its Annual Cyber Threat Report, compiling actionable intelligence from Threat Compass with expert insight from its analyst team

UK government reveals smart device security guidelines

In order to make internet-connected devices safer to use following a series of security breaches, the UK government reveals new guidelines

High-Tech Bridge CEO explains the importance of mobile backend security testing

According to High-Tech Bridge's CEO, Ilia Kolochenko, many companies still believe that mobile application security is limited to the application, completely forgetting about the backend of a system

The Parliament to debate Home Office denying access to immigration data

Despite Home Office denying people the right to access immigration data on them, the government has been told it's illegal and anyone that does so will be challenged in court