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software testing

Top 5 pitfalls in open source software testing

Senior Technical Test Engineer, Edge Testing Solutions says that organisations believe that by simply choosing the right testing tools and downloading them for free you automatically have a competent test regime in place – unfortunately, this isn't the case!

BBC website faces internal server error

BBC users receive an 'internal server error' message when attempting to access the website
Russian hackers

Russian hackers win remote access to US power suppliers

Russian hackers win remote access to the control rooms of numerous US power suppliers
Google Chrome Browser

Google Chrome Browser flags non-HTTPS sites

Starting today, Google Chrome Browser has begun flagging sites which are yet to apply HTTPS
slow websites

Slow websites – the silent killer for businesses!

According to Eggplant's global online study, more than 80% of consumers are more frustrated by consistently slow websites than those that are temporarily down
US mid-term elections

Hackers ‘target US mid-term elections’

Microsoft announces that at least three congressional candidates have been targeted by hackers in light of the US mid-term elections which will take place on the 6 November 2018

Hackers steal nearly US$1million from Russian bank

Cybersecurity company Group-IP reports a group of hackers for stealing US$910,000 from Russia's PIR Bank
Singapore's population

Data stolen from a quarter of Singapore’s population!

Officials announce that hackers have stolen personal data from a quarter of Singapore’s population via SingHealth’s IT databases

Software error on 57% of Merdeces-Benz X-Class

A software error causes nearly 60% of Mercedes-Benz X Class vehicles to not be aware when tyre pressure is low

EU fines Google £3.8billion for abusing Android apps

The European Commission fines Google £3.8billion for abusing its control of the Android operating system by forcing vendors to pre-install the company's apps