Security and Data Protection

VTech faces US$650,000 fine over broken data laws

Electronic toymaker VTech has been fined US$650,000 to settle charges over failure to protect the privacy of children using its gadgets

CES: Ring provides ‘home security like never before’

Ring, the leader in home security, unveils at CES 2018 its whole home security ecosystem, which includes several new security devices that bolster the Ring of Security around homes and neighbourhoods

Apple admits chip bugs affect all Mac devices

Apple reveals Mac computers, iPads and iPhones are affected by bugs in computer chips – Meltdown and Spectre – allowing data to be stolen by hackers

Intel processors contain ‘worst CPU bug ever found’

Security flaws have been found in Intel, ARM and AMD processors, requiring fixes within Linux, macOS, and Windows

Germany enforces new social media law

Germany enforces a law called NetzDG, which demands social media sites to quickly remove illegal material, fake news and hate speech

Google ‘violates’ Microsoft’s policies

Yesterday, Google published a Chrome app in Microsoft Windows Store, violating its policies

Kaspersky detects 360,000 dangerous files daily, says report

Kaspersky Lab’s in-lab detection technologies reaches 360,000 a day in 2017 – 11.5% more than last year

Head of SEC warns cryptocurrency investors of scams

The head of the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) advises bitcoin and cryptocurrency investors to be careful of criminal activity and scams

Nuclear plant faces first-ever security breach

The safety systems for industrial control units used in nuclear, oil and gas plants, halting operations on Triconex industrial safety technology was hacked yesterday, according to security firm FireEye.

Donald Trump: USA government needs more cloud-based tech

Donald Trump announces the USA government needs more information technology systems, data protection, and cloud-based technologies