Security and Data Protection

The European Commission puts foot down on extremist content

The European Union gives internet companies, including Facebook, Twitter, Google and YouTube, three months to figure out a way of removing extremist content

IT security professionals rarely change strategies, says report

IT security professionals state they rarely change their security strategy substantially – even after experiencing a cyber attack

E-passports need more anti-forgery measures, says senators

For more than a decade, US border control agents haven't been using the incorrect software in order to verify e-passports, according to two US senators

Kaspersky Lab says smart hubs are at risk

Kaspersky Lab researchers discover vulnerabilities in a smart hub used to manage all the connected modules and sensors installed in the home

China-based group hacked UK think tanks, says Crowdstrike

Crowdstrike finds that some UK think tanks (a body of experts providing advice and ideas on specific political or economic problems) were hacked by a China-based group last year

Vectra and Atlantic Bridge close US$36million Series D funding round

Vectra announces it's closed a US$36million Series D funding round led by Atlantic Bridge

Uber and Alphabet’s Waymo settle lawsuit

Waymo's lawsuit against Uber stealing "trade secrets" gets settled

Hackers hijack Tesla’s cloud

Tesla reveals that its cloud computing platform has been hacked

Ascertus partners with Legal RM to help manage GDPR compliance

Ascertus enters into a partnership with Legal RM, to help customers effectively manage electronic and physical records for the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance

Apple products crash over bug linked to Telegu script

Apple is urgently trying to fix a bug in its latest software update which crashes applications if a letter from the south Indian language Telegu is presented