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Machine learning and data privacy

As the GDPR comes into force tomorrow (25 May 2018), Head of Privacy and Data Protection at Gemserv touches upon the effect it's going to have on machine learning and data privacy

Tech firms block EU users over GDPR

Following the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) which comes to light tomorrow, technology companies have been blocking European users from its servers to ensure compliance

Chinese researchers uncover 14 flaws in BMW vehicles

Chinese study lab, Keen Lab, uncovers 14 flaws in BMW Series X, 3, 5 and 7

Apple removes iOS apps in light of GDPR

Starting just two weeks before the upcoming GDPR, Apple has been removing iOS apps that don't comply with its location privacy standards

Google accused of helping Telegram chat service evade Russian ban

Russia blocks Google and Gmail services after Watchdog accuses the American search giant of assisting people to use the banned chat service, Telegram

GDPR isn’t dangerous for machine learning, says GDPR Delivery Manager

According to Can Huzmeli, GDPR Delivery Manager at ICAN Consultancy, GDPR will not stop, nor is dangerous, for neither machine learning nor deep learning

IIHS releases Tesla Model 3 test results

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) releases the first safety test results of Tesla Model 3

Report finds software vulnerabilities as open source adoption rises

Synopsys today releases its '2018 Open Source Security and Risk Analysis' report, which highlights a massive uptick in open source adoption

Symantec discovers rogue apps in Google Play

Symantec recently discovers seven previously removed rogue apps in Google Play

City of London Police to assemble ‘cyber detective’ team

The City of London Police plans to assemble a team of "cyber detectives" and create a programme to help fight against hacking crimes