Security and Data Protection

Veracode report digital risk to companies’ infrastructures

Veracode have released the findings from their annual State of Software Security Report (SoSS). The report presents metrics drawn from code-level analysis of billions...

The Top 10 Trends in Testing, according to Cigniti

The new CTO of Cigniti, an independent software testing company, has identified 10 trends he believes will define 2015. Pradeep Govindasamy took up his...
cyber security professionals needed

Demand for cyber security professionals continues to rise

Demand for cyber security professionals grew by almost 70% between 2012 and 2015 – 40% higher than the overall growth rate for IT professionals....

The Children’s Commissioner offers tips on social media protection

The Children's Commissioner offers leaflets to children, explaining their social media rights, in a bid to protect them

Kaspersky Lab enhances threat protection

To enhance the efficiency of protecting against targeted attacks, Kaspersky Lab presents a new suite of services called Kaspersky Threat Hunting

Germany enforces new social media law

Germany enforces a law called NetzDG, which demands social media sites to quickly remove illegal material, fake news and hate speech

15 Jan 2016: This week’s highlighted articles

UK invests in IoT research In early 2016, UK Minister of State for Culture and the Digital Economy, Ed Vaizey announced a new interdisciplinary Research...

Global cyberattack hits the NHS

A global ransomware cyberattack has hit over 200,000 victims in at least 150 countries, including blocking access to all PC files until a ransom...

Students should consider cyber security apprenticeships, says Crest

According to security testers Crest, cyber security apprenticeships are a good alternative to ‘clearing’ debts

Microsoft aims to save Xbox settings in the cloud

Microsoft aims to instantly apply Xbox settings into the cloud when setting up a new Xbox console