Security and Data Protection

Joblift analysis data protection vacancies in light of the upcoming GDPR

Joblift analysis whether the uptake of a Data Protection Officer has been a gradual process since the GDPR announcement

A new cyber security mindset needed in 2016

This year has seen numerous security occurrences and big headlines at organisations extending from the US Office of Personnel Management to the Ashley Madison...

Further cyber attacks on Olympics website could occur, says researchers

After the Winter Olympics website was taken offline after being hit by a cyber attack, experts at Kaspersky Lab warn that further attacks at the Olympics could occur

‘Text bomb’ bug slows down Apple’s iPhones and Macs

A new flaw called "text bomb" has been discovered, affecting Apple's iPhone and Mac computers

Banking apps accessed via smartwatches to exceed 100 million by 2020

A new study from Juniper Research has found that the global number of banking apps accessed via smartwatches will reach the 10 million mark...

Blackberry might be saved as cybercrime headlines dominate

The increase in cybercrime, a growing global phenomenon, is likely to drive an increase in the use of complicated mathematical algorithms to encrypt sensitive data....

Businesses without updated software face errors, says report

A recent survey found 73% of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) that do not use workflow management software face errors in manual processes
whatsapp encryption

Terrorism and technology: Exploring Amber Rudd’s comments on encryption

Dr Andrew Whiting, Lecturer in Security Studies at Birmingham City University, responds to Home Secretary Amber Rudd’s comments that strong encryption is "completely unacceptable",...
EY reveal India's security problems

Ukraine cyberattack creates chaos

Some of Ukraine's major institutions have been among the targets of a huge cyber attack. Deputy Prime Minister Rozenko Pavlo said he and other members...
cyber security risk on a global scale

Cyber attack risk highlighted in global risks report

In a recent risk report, cyber attacks were ranked as a major concern by US and European business leaders. The 11th edition of the World...