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Bug bounty

Could a bug bounty programme improve your security?

Gareth O’Sullivan, EMEA Director of Solutions Architecture at WhiteHat Security discusses how bug bounty incentives can be used to effectively complement a business’s existing...

Power firms alerted over cyber safety with Ukraine’s electricity grid

Power firms globally are being notified on how to notice if hackers who closed down parts of Ukraine’s electricity grid are targeting them
cyber security

Security penetration testing as a service – how to fight cybercrime on demand

Daily news of website breaches brings testing inadequacies to the fore. Web app owners can now bring together automated vulnerability scanning and penetration testers...
software glitch border control

Software bug affects USA Customs and Border Protection during holiday season

Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has confirmed that a recent software update caused a four-hour Customs computer outage on the 3rd of January, which...

Hacker steals IOTA cryptocurrency worth US$4million

A hacker steals US$4million worth of IOTA cryptocurrency via an "elaborate phishing site"
TEST Magazine gaming

The March 2017 issue TEST Magazine is now available to read online

The March 2017 issue of TEST Magazine dives into the relationship between QA and UX, with interviews, research and opinion pieces. The issue also looks...
Canada hacked

Hackers exploit software bug and breach Canadian government agency site

As a precautionary measure, Canada Revenue Agency took its website offline to deal with unspecified "internet vulnerability," later revealed to be related to the...

High-Tech Bridge CEO explains the importance of mobile backend security testing

According to High-Tech Bridge's CEO, Ilia Kolochenko, many companies still believe that mobile application security is limited to the application, completely forgetting about the backend of a system
smart city

An open source cityscape

A smart city is a sensitive city, positions Katie Foster, Director, International Marketing, GitHub. When we talk about smart cities we view them as an...
test automation satellite

New test automation platform for Space Systems Finland

Space Systems Finland Oy (SSF) develops software and systems design solutions for customers in aerospace, defense, medical devices, machinery, and nuclear industries. The company’s...