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SnapLogic VP discusses big data & GDPR challenges

Craig Stewart, Vice President of Product Management, SnapLogic, exclusively discusses business challenges when managing big data while touching upon the difficulties of staying GDPR compliant 

How Vue’s technical issues quickly became business issues

Antony Edwards, CTO, Eggplant, discusses how in the social media age, technical issues quickly become business issues. Vue’s challenges today highlight once again why the quality of the digital experience needs to be a board-level topic and not the appendix of a development process
the IoT

Is it time to regulate the IoT?

Consumer security is paramount, so is it time retailers and manufacturers of the Internet of Things (IoT) devices began self-regulation and set their own cybersecurity standards?
software testing

Top 5 pitfalls in open source software testing

Senior Technical Test Engineer, Edge Testing Solutions says that organisations believe that by simply choosing the right testing tools and downloading them for free you automatically have a competent test regime in place – unfortunately, this isn't the case!
connected cars

Threat modelling for connected cars

With the advent of technology and need to be connected to the net, the channels of intrusion in connected cars are plenty
Software testing

Software testing – how to test sooner and fix faster!

Mobile and Third-Party Products Director at The Telegraph, Emilio Vacca, gives tips to having the right checkpoints and alerts in place to test sooner and fix faster!

How to ‘Shift Left’ to defeat defects

Ways to enable both testers and development with diverse skill sets to unanimously focus on quality from the beginning of a project, instead of finding defects later in the development lifecycle

10 tips to ensure you’re GDPR ready

A list of GDPR facts to ensure you're ready for the 25 May deadline

Telstra Director believes automation is shaped by its cloud strategy

The Director of global platforms at Telstra, Jim Fagan, reveals in a keynote that the "path to automation is being shaped by its cloud strategy and the development of its Programmable Network"

E-passports need more anti-forgery measures, says senators

For more than a decade, US border control agents haven't been using the incorrect software in order to verify e-passports, according to two US senators