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IIHS releases Tesla Model 3 test results

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) releases the first safety test results of Tesla Model 3

Amazon’s Alexa to become your in-house doctor

Amazon is currently working towards the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) requirements so Alexa can start providing healthcare advice and information

Watchdog says UK police use inaccurate facial recognition tech

According to the UK's Big Brother Watchdog, facial recognition systems used by UK police are inaccurate, "flagging up" an array of innocent people as suspects

Uber, Intel, Apple and Microsoft drones soon to fly the US sky

As part of the Unmanned Aircraft Systems Integration Pilot Programme, Uber, Intel, Microsoft and Apple are soon to be flying drones around the USA for a variety of tasks including digital mapping, shopping deliveries and for conducting surveillance

New iOS app allows Amazon to deliver packages to vehicle trunks

Following the 'Amazon Key' service, which allows delivery people to enter a person's home to drop off packages, the electronic commerce company reveals its new platform 'Amazon Key In-Car'

eBay announces new iOS and Android app update

eBay announces its new update for iOS and Android apps, aimed to simplify its item listing process

Google launches Android SMS replacement

Google begins to roll-out its new worldwide Chat messaging service, replacing Android SMS text messages

Phantom Secure CEO busted for supplying drug cartels with smartphones

The chief executive of Phantom Secure, a firm that created highly-secure smartphones for some of the most scandalous criminals, has been indicted

UK government reveals smart device security guidelines

In order to make internet-connected devices safer to use following a series of security breaches, the UK government reveals new guidelines

Kaspersky Lab says smart hubs are at risk

Kaspersky Lab researchers discover vulnerabilities in a smart hub used to manage all the connected modules and sensors installed in the home