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Kodak reveals blockchain initiative KodakCoin

Shares in Kodak soared nearly 120% after it revealed its blockchain-based initiative, KodakCoin

Kaspersky advises how to ‘stay safe’ regarding Debenhams scammers

Kaspersky Lab offers comments and tips to help consumers safeguard themselves from scammers targeting Debenhams

VTech faces US$650,000 fine over broken data laws

Electronic toymaker VTech has been fined US$650,000 to settle charges over failure to protect the privacy of children using its gadgets

Former BMW and Apple employees unveil ‘futuristic’ smart car

Former BMW and Apple employees unveil its new US$45,000 electric car called Byton at the annual CES trade show in Las Vegas

Apple admits chip bugs affect all Mac devices

Apple reveals Mac computers, iPads and iPhones are affected by bugs in computer chips – Meltdown and Spectre – allowing data to be stolen by hackers

CNBC: Amazon Echo to start advertising

According to a CNBC report, Amazon is talking with advertisers and brands Clorox and Procter & Gamble about advertising via its Alexa voice device

iPhones ‘purposely’ slow down as they age

Apple reveals iPhones slow down as they age, and customers' believe it's so they upgrade to the newest model

WhatsApp Business ‘helps companies communicate’

WhatsApp "enhances" user experience with its new business app, in a bid to help companies communicate with customers'

Costly concerns over Vodafone’s international roaming charges

After the UK’s communications regulator raises concerns over Vodafone's international charges, thousands of the company's customers are able to finish their contracts early

‘Battle of the Apps’ – Amazon vs Ebay

'Battle of the Apps' is Testbirds’ brand new series that has two apps go head-to-head