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The March 2017 issue TEST Magazine is now available to read online

The March 2017 issue of TEST Magazine dives into the relationship between QA and UX, with interviews, research and opinion pieces. The issue also looks...

Apple faces new anniversary plans

Apple has been talking about replacing its fingerprint sensor on the next iPhone 8 with face recognition to celebrate its tenth anniversary, according to...

eBay announces new iOS and Android app update

eBay announces its new update for iOS and Android apps, aimed to simplify its item listing process
etsy software testing

Looking to the future: helping girls begin software careers

Arylee McSweaney, QA Manager, Etsy, discusses how we can help young girls chase a career in STEM. I often feel conflicted when I’m asked to...

Super Bowl: IT puts its game face on

Vincent DeGennaro, General Manager EMEA, SOASTA, asks what lessons can e-tailers and online firms draw from the Super Bowl? Speed and performance proved to be...

Airbnb builds a comprehensive test framework

Airbnb builds an extensive and ever expanding test suite of real transactions, following data quality and sensitive request changes. In order for the online marketplace...
the IoT

Is it time to regulate the IoT?

Consumer security is paramount, so is it time retailers and manufacturers of the Internet of Things (IoT) devices began self-regulation and set their own cybersecurity standards?
LogiGear reveal new test automation

LogiGear announce free test automation platform

 Software testing service LogiGear has revealed its new TestArchitect Team designed to meet the software testing needs of small teams. The TestArchitect Team is a...

Starbucks set to open cashier free store

Starbucks is opening a dedicated order online only Starbucks at its headquarters in Seattle, Washington. Due to the popularity of its app, whereby customers can pre-order...
cyber security ecommerce

New survey shows 78% of ecommerce websites at risk

Security scans performed on 60,000 Magento websites, a popular ecommerce platform, show that 78% are missing critical security patches, while 5% are confirmed to...