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Kaspersky advises how to ‘stay safe’ regarding Debenhams scammers

Kaspersky Lab offers comments and tips to help consumers safeguard themselves from scammers targeting Debenhams

‘Battle of the Apps’ – Amazon vs Ebay

'Battle of the Apps' is Testbirds’ brand new series that has two apps go head-to-head

Mobiles are in demand over computers, says Kaspersky

Kaspersky Lab research found modern users increasingly prefer to use mobile devices other than computers for their online activities

Debenhams flower power cyber attack

Debenhams’ online florist, Ecomnova, has revealed that cyber attackers stole personal data from 26,000 customers between the 4th February and 11th April. Hackers took the...

Smart tech is revolutionising retail

Smart technology is making convenient shopping too easy, and retailers should be aware of the changes, according to Fastlane’s Head of Consumer Research, David...

Zalando UX team shares insight

Senior UX Researcher at Zalando, Carina Kuhr, reveals nine tips for planning user research in foreign countries on the company's tech blog. With the objective...
etsy software testing

Looking to the future: helping girls begin software careers

Arylee McSweaney, QA Manager, Etsy, discusses how we can help young girls chase a career in STEM. I often feel conflicted when I’m asked to...
TEST Magazine gaming

The March 2017 issue TEST Magazine is now available to read online

The March 2017 issue of TEST Magazine dives into the relationship between QA and UX, with interviews, research and opinion pieces. The issue also looks...

AR could add £1bn to UK’s retail market

The UK’s retail market could be boosted by as much as £1bn a year if consumers were given access to visualisation technology. The technology could allow...
Summit Report

New Report takes an in-depth look at European software testing projects

A new report written by the Judging Panel from the 2016 European Software Testing Awards, analyses past and current entries into the Awards programme,...