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Large enterprises in Hong Kong lose out on revenue, says report

Report finds large enterprises in Hong Kong could lose out on revenue as 84% of IT decision makers reveal they don’t have relevant cloud expertise

Fighting terrorism ‘as important as fighting cyber attacks’, says GCHQ

GCHQ says fighting terrorism is as important as keeping the UK safe from cyber attacks

Artificial intelligence arrives for test generation

Appvance's CEO explains how new AI technology is already impacting test organisations and how it will impact yours in the coming months 

1.4 million phishing sites are created monthly, says report

The Webroot Quarterly Threat Trends Report found nearly 1.4 million new phishing sites are created each month

Cherwell Software invests sports teams

To increase its UK profile, Cherwell Software announces its investment into two well-known sports teams

67% of companies that test blockchain invest US$100,000, says report

According to Juniper Research, most enterprises that have carried out tests of where they can use blockchain technology in their business are planning to invest more in blockchain research and development

Russian campaign spent US$100,000 on Facebook adverts during US election

A Russian-funded campaign, which promotes social and political messages on its network, has been discovered by Facebook

Burger King launches Russian crypto-currency

In Russia, Burger King launches its own crypto-currency called WhopperCoin

Theresa May rejects ruling out cyber attacks after North Korea’s missile launches

After North Korea’s missile launches, Theresa May has refused to rule out introducing cyber attacks on the country

China’s personal bodyguard app

A new app that allows “not just the rich and famous” to hire a personal bodyguard is set to be launched in northeast China