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Facebook to ‘encourage community interaction’

Facebook is to change how its news feed works, making advertising and promotional posts from businesses and brands less noticeable

UK citizens to legally demand faster broadband by 2020

The government has announced that by 2020, UK citizens will have the legal right to demand faster broadband of at least 10 Mbsps

Alibaba Cloud helps Bejing’s Capital International Airport

Alibaba Cloud unveils new artificial intelligence technology (AI) next month, to help prevent delays at Bejing Capital International Airport

KLM uses AI to answer customers questions on social media

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines announces that it's using artificial intelligence (AI) within its social media services

Edge Testing Solutions joins The Scottish Government’s DPS

Edge Testing Solutions has been appointed to The Scottish Government’s new Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS)

Are tech firms to blame for extremism and abuse?

According to an ethic body, Facebook, Twitter, and Google should be held liable for illegal and dangerous content on its platforms

Singapore plans to introduce driverless buses by 2022

Singapore plans to introduce driverless buses on its public roads by 2022, in three new neighborhoods, which are less crowded than surrounding roads and designed to accommodate the buses

Smart Home Solutions: Putting the spotlight on user experience

The Internet of Things offers increasingly sophisticated capabilities, and the opportunity to transform our everyday lives

New year, new rules – 2018 in the software testing industry

Carmen Carey, CEO of software testing and performance monitoring experts Apica, gives her five industry predictions for 2018

Compensation for broadband users

The regulator Ofcom announces that householders who receive poor service from their telecoms provider are to get automic compensation